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June 2010
'The Boyfriend' - Sandy Wilson

By Sue Lupton- Friday, July 2nd, 2010
(reproduced by kind permission of
the Isle of Wight County Press)

You know it’s been a good show when you come out of the theatre singing catchy tunes. After Trinity Theatre’s The Boy Friend, my friends and I couldn’t stop humming Won’t You Charleston With Me?
It was a terrific evening, with the polished cast of teenagers and mature players giving a delightful performance.
Set in a French finishing school for posh young ladies, the musical comedy is a simple tale of boy meets girl, boy loses girl through misunderstanding but everyone lives happily ever after.
When the cast is so well-rehearsed and enthusiastic, it is an unenviable task singling out individuals for praise, but I would have to say Amanda Gregory was captivating as the leading schoolgirl, Maisie.
Her admirer, played by Bertie Everson, had excellent stage presence and the rest of the chorus — Freya Amestoy, Sophie Carver and Poppy Burland — showed great talent too.
The duets of sweet, lonely Polly (Soph Pevreall) and bashful Tony (Gareth Davies) were delightful.
Maria Wilkinson was sophisticated and glamorous in the role of Madame Dubonnet, while David Stradling was debonair as millionaire Percival Browne.
An inspired piece of casting was diminutive Mike Whitwam and statuesque Dinah Bowman as the hilarious Lord and Lady Brockhurst.
The young suitors, Leon Prince, Lincoln Elliott and Toby Proctor, were a real find too — great dancers with lovely voices.
Full marks to the wardrobe team, Carole French and Jane Maclean, for fabulous, colourful costumes.
The orchestra, Simon Keates, Richard Wiseman and Roly Ashton, provided excellent accompaniment to the song-and-dance routines.
It was clear that a great deal of work had gone into the production.
Congratulations to director Barbara Wood and the talented cast for a hugely enjoyable show.

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