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May 2011
'A Bed Full of Foreigners' by Dave Freeman

By Matt White - Friday, June 3, 2011
(reproduced by kind permission of
the Isle of Wight County Press)

CHEEKY chap Wayne Child ensured the audience at Trinity Theatre’s A Bedfull of Foreigners did not get a bum deal.
Providing further evidence of his remarkable recovery from a near-fatal car accident nearly 18 months ago, Child excelled as Stanley in this superb comedy about two couples, who found themselves assigned to the same hotel room in France.

The audience laughed throughout as countless twists and turns unfolded — most were cringing but hilarious — and you could not take your eyes off the stage.

Child was at the heart of those moments, particularly the numerous occasions when he stripped down to his boxer shorts.
He went one step further by baring his bottom but for his sake, and everyone else’s, I was glad he stopped there.

Pete Harris deserves special praise for his performance as Karak, the hotel’s porter.

His was the best of all the foreign accents and he delivered a series of comical lines that set the tone of the show — Bob French’s first as director.

The set featured a run-down hotel room, complete with a dodgy radiator, wardrobe door and old-fashioned wallpaper and each prop was significant to the story.

There were a few occasions when the cast needed prompting but even then a joke was made out of it.