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March 2011
'Alice in Wonderland'
- Lewis Carol adapted by Jeanette Jacquish

By Sue Lupton - Friday, March 25, 2011
(reproduced by kind permission of
the Isle of Wight County Press)

BUDDING thespian and Medina High student Abi Harris celebrated her 16th birthday by directing her very first show, Alice in Wonderland, at Trinity Theatre, for Cowes Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
The play, which completes its run this weekend, is a delightful showcase of the talent of Island youngsters. The cast ranges in age from four to 16 and Alice is played with charm and charisma by Solent Middle School student Maya Croutear, 13.
Alice is a marvellously whacky story and this script, written for children by Jeanette Jacquish, is full of hilarious one-liners: "I stink, therefore I am"; "Either you or your head must be off"; "The beach is here, wish you were lovely" and "Shut thy royal face up".
From the delightful tiny hedgehogs to the Duchess (James Metcalfe), the cast is superb. Chloe Whillier is deliciously imperious as the Queen of Hearts, with her zany spectacles, crazy coronet and perfect pout. The Mad Hatter (Jacob Burland) has great stage presence, while Rebekah Gibson (Mock Turtle) has a lovely singing voice.
The croquet scene, featuring blow-up flamingoes, is particularly memorable.
Abi, whose birthday was the day before opening night, excelled herself, directing a performance that was, apart from a few prompts, polished, with excellent pace and comic timing.