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June 2016


By James Woolvern - Friday June 24th, 2016
(reproduced by kind permission of the Isle of Wight County Press)


Trinity Theatre's production of Annie was a delight to watch. With a strong cast and a fantastic live band, the team brought the famous musical to life.

Mia Topping as Annie, had no problem belting out number after number and continuously hitting her notes while carrying off the role of the bold optimistic 11 year old magnificently.

The ensemble cast of orphans were charming, opening the the show with the catchy It’s a Hard Knock Life and providing humorous scenes throughout. Right down from the talented teens to the cute young ones, they played their part fantastically.

The adult cast was equally good, with the mean Miss Hannigan, played by Becky Giakoumelos, scowling at the kids and swigging from her hipflask, and the affluent Oliver Warbucks, played by Paul Stevens, doting on Annie

The ensemble adult cast, who played everything from a crowd of Hooverville bums to the servants in the Warbucks mansion, swapped from role to role well, carrying off each character appropriately.

None of the cast were amplified the microphones, but they all managed to to belt out their songs and project their lines, sending their voices to the back rows.

The live orchestra knocked out all those well known songs, leaving the audience humming the tunes in the interval.

The show even had live dogs filling the canine roles, with Annie’s dog, Sandy, played by Tigger and the ‘mangy mutt’ played by distinctly un-mangy chihuahua Honey.