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June 2019

After September by Jimmy Chin

By Patrick Oliver - Friday 16th August, 2019
(reproduced by kind permission of
the Isle of Wight County Press)

The trip back to the 1960’s started before the first word with some memorable music setting the scene.

The lights came up on the staff room of the Gwendolen Kyte School for Girls where a very smart and efficient Mr Smith, played by Pete Harris, was snooping around.

A government inspector, he had been called in to investigate after the school was reported as being way below standard.

The audience was introduced to a varied and eccentric cast of characters including the languid and self-assured English teacher, Miss D’Vere, jolly hockey stick sports mistress Miss Kershaw, a bossy 'Margaret Rutherford' type Miss Pink, efficient matron Miss Bickerstaff, long-suffering tea lady Mrs Godfrey - all of who are keen to find out who shopped them.

Could if be headmistress Miss Kyle, played by Carole Crow, who inherited the school from her mother and doesn't enjoy her job?

As the staff try to find out, relationships and secrets are revealed and yet more mysteries are unearthed.

Who has killed the headmistress's dog, who is helping themselves to the the stash of gin and will it be sardines on toast for tea again?

Inevitably they all decide that they will fight the inspector and stand up for the school. After all, they might not do things to the book but their students pass their exams.