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June 2021

Recipe for Murder by J D Robins

By Lucy Morgan - June 10th, 2021
(reproduced by kind permission of the Isle of Wight County Press)

JOURNALIST Kit Kelly moves to a place ‘where nothing happens’.
There, he meets David Lawson (played by Martin Woolven),
David's wife Claire (Carolyn Ferguson, who also co-directed the performance) and David's sister Beatrice.

Of course, things don’t stay peaceful for long.

It's a Recipe for Murder, but will you guess how?

This County Press reporter and her ‘plus-one’ teen son certainly didn’t.

Things have been all too quiet at Trinity Theatre in Cowes of late, but the Cowes Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society's production of the J.D.Robins thriller, twice cancelled due to
the Covid-19 pandemic, has finally opened for a three-night run.

It couldn’t have been more welcome.

Directed by Dinah Bowman, it’s perfectly suited to the current Covid-19 requirements.

The whole production was set inside a single room — effectively presented, convincingly furnished, transforming the thinned-out theatre seats into comfy sofas inside David and Claire’s lounge.

On stage, the four cast members delivered their lines alongside some adept social distancing, which did not feel contrived, served up alongside cups of tea (in-fine bone china), rock cakes and a splash of brandy.

The twists and turns of the plot kept the audience, limited to just 50 people each night, guessing and there was excitement right up until the last scene.

It would be all too easy to spoil the plot, which will thoroughly test your amateur sleuthing, so I will just say there were laughs in all the right places for Amanda
Roberston’s no-nonsense Beatrice, and a strong performance by Steve Taverner as Kit.

The vibes were positive from departing audience members. We were left wanting answers to some outstanding questions.

If you've been lucky enough to snap up tickets for performances tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), temperature checks on the door, mask wearing inside the theatre and a chance to get ‘out out’ again will ensure your foray back into live performance is both safe and enjoyable.

Afterwards, you can pop back home for a nice cup. of tea.